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Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Award

On December 8th, Zonta international has proudly announced the district, region and international recipients for 2020. These 32 impressive women from 21 countries are students in business management, accounting, finance and more.

For District 27 it is Robyn Coppens, Master student in Business Engineering at the University of Antwerp, Belgium and nominated by Zonta Club Waasland, area 06, who receives the District Award from Zonta International.Follow this link to find out who they all are.

Now I have the pleasure to announce the 2020 results for District 27:

  1. Robyn Coppens, nominated by Zonta club Waasland area 06

  2. Anjo Wychuyse, by Zonta club Kortrijk area 05

  3. Rika Lange, by Zonta club Potsdam area 07

Congratulations and thank you to the clubs for participating. Stay in contact with the applicants: these young women are the leaders of tomorrow and potential Zonta members. The ranking is the result of the scoring by the District 27 jury members: Area 01: Monique Stephany Area 02: Marie-Claude Pichery Area 03: Petra Helf Area 04: Luba Luba Maksymovitch Area 05: Ilse Bas Area 06: Marianne Raemdonck Area 07: Catherine Hess Thanks to all of you for your dedication when reading the applications and giving the scores.

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